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But I'm a Cheerleader   15
(USA/1999)                         92 minutes
Jamie Babbitt

Natasha Lyonne|Clea Duvall|RuPaul Charles
With great humour, this film, made nearly 25 years ago, deals with the serious and still-current issue of gay conversion therapy.

Megan is a high-school cheerleader, but based on flaky circumstantial evidence, her parents suspect she is a lesbian and bundle her off to a reparative camp. The satire and visual jokes abound as the campers are taken through the essential steps towards hetero-normality. There’s even a place for RuPaul Charles in a non-drag gay role. Needless to say, the treatment doesn’t work!
6 February 2023 MONDAY 20:30
Playhouse Main Screen
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