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Blade Runner (The Final Cut)   15
USA | 1982                             117 minutes
Ridley Scott
Harrison Ford|Rutger Hauer|Sean Young
This was Ridley Scott’s third feature, following the success of his earlier sci-fi adventure Alien (1979). Blade Runner, though, was on a much higher budget and involved a darker, more complex narrative, adapted from Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? The urban world created in the film is one of the early examples of the cyberpunk style.

So what’s it about? Synthetic humanoid beings (known as replicants) are manufactured to be used as workers in space colonies. If they should escape back to Earth, they are hunted down and terminated by a blade runner. Harrison Ford is persuaded to hunt down four particularly advanced replicants who are believed to have infiltrated human society. This film is now regarded as one of the best sci-fi features ever made.
11 September 2023 MONDAY 19:30
Playhouse Main Screen
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