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Weird Films
WITH some films it's easy to talk about them with your work colleagues: the subject matter is pretty mainstream; the narrative is clear; you are certain who did what to whom and what happened to them in the end; and anyway the characters only did normal, credible things within a realistic storyline. But with one of these weird films ...

The characters may behave unexpectedly; the storyline may be tricky to follow; there may be elements of fantasy, even horror; it may be a matter of discussion what exactly happened in the end; and the subject matter may be, well, not suitable for work. So, weird films can be surprising, exciting, frightening, funny and entertaining - sometimes all at once.

Some films are more weird than others, but we'll have examples from the only-a-little-bit-weird to the weirder-than-weird.

Come to the Eclectic Cinema and see some Weird Films!
Some examples of films we'd like to show ...
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