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Queer Cinema
THERE'S a lot of queer cinema, but you probably don't get to see much on a big screen in Cheltenham. As well as the many films covering the coming-out, coming-of-age and sexual-awakening themes, there are thrillers and love stories, homo-erotic art films and films with homosexual undercurrents. They're not all recent and they're not all in the English language. Some are even silent. Then there are the documentaries about queer history and changes in social attitudes. There's a lot of stuff out there, and The Eclectic Cinema wants to get it on screen for you to see and enjoy.

Of course, this is not just an exclusive service to the LGBTQ+ community of Cheltenham and surrounds (although we hope to fill a gap not offered elsewhere). It's a diverse programme open to all of the open-minded.

For this strand, we hope to develop a bit of a club atmosphere, with some of the films screened in a relaxed bar setting. A chance for people to meet and chat.

Come to the Eclectic Cinema to see Queer Cinema!
Some examples of films we'd like to show ...
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