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Film School
FILM SCHOOL is the name of the film studies 'course' run by The Eclectic Cinema. While the syllabus is something of a work-in-progress, the idea is to explore film history through watching films in a more structured way. For example, by focusing on the work of individual directors or actors, or on films that are part of a recognised artistic movement (like Italian Neo-Realism, or French New Wave), or on the cinematic output of particular countries.

Post-film discussion in the bar will be encouraged, and we may also be able to arrange introductions to some films to place them in context.

Film School programmes are unrecognised by any academic institution, so no certificates, or letters after your name, but regular attendance should deepen your knowledge and love of film.

Attend Film School at the The Eclectic Cinema!
Some examples of films we'd like to show ...
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