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Don't Look Now   15
UK | 1973                               110 minutes
Nicolas Roeg
Julie Christie|Donald Sutherland
Released fifty years ago, this was Nicolas Roeg’s third feature, following closely behind Performance (1970) and Walkabout (1971). Starring Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland, it is a ‘psychic thriller’ exploring the grief experienced by a couple following the accidental drowning of their young daughter. They head to Venice for a change of scene, only to find still more poignant reminders of their loss.

Generally well received on release, the film has grown in stature over the years, with even some of its early critics since modifying their positions. After half a century, it’s time to re-appraise this influential British film.
30 October 2023 MONDAY 19:30
Playhouse Main Screen
Tickets £7.50
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